Founded in 1997, TrainingPros focuses on serving our clients’ needs as a highly specialized staffing company.

Rather than try to be all things to all companies, we concentrate on learning and development engagements. We partner with our clients and seek to solve problems for them.

How Do We Go About Staffing Client Projects?

In order to staff our clients’ important projects, TrainingPros leverages three company strengths:

  • Local Relationship Managers
  • Specialized Consultants in the TrainingPros Talent Pool
  • TrainingPros' Onboarding for Success Methodology

TrainingPros Relationship Managers take a consultative approach to fulfilling clients’ needs by getting to know our clients’ culture, understanding their project goals, and identifying their specific learning and development needs. Our Relationship Managers have worked extensively in the training departments of diverse organizations and have those real-work experiences to ask all the right questions.

The TrainingPros Difference

Our Relationship Managers are local – today we have coverage in many locations such as Arkansas, Atlanta, Chicago, Colorado, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and the Washington DC Metro Area. We invite you to review our Relationship Managers’ profiles.

To fulfill our clients’ learning and development staffing needs, TrainingPros maintains a very large and active consultant database. Our Relationship Managers actively seek to refresh and build on that pipeline of top talent with instructional designers, training coordinators, organizational development and human resources staff, eLearning/mobile learning developers, instructors and facilitators, project managers, change managers, technical communicators, and editors and copywriters. Each potential candidate completes extensive screening criteria to ensure that our clients are only receiving the best fit consultant for their project.

TrainingPros Onboarding for Success Methodology

To put all of the pieces together, our Relationship Managers employ our proprietary Onboarding for Success Methodology to deliver the right personnel for our clients’ jobs. TrainingPros consults with the key client contact regarding deliverables, goals, and scheduling requirements along with skills and personalities on the existing client team. Each factors in to the candidate selection process for the right fit. Project details are reviewed thoroughly with the placed consultant to ensure a smooth transition and a contract resource that hits the ground running. The Onboarding for Success process reduces start-up time and increases project success as Relationship Managers remain in contact throughout our clients’ projects.

When our clients contact TrainingPros seeking help for their learning and development projects, we won’t send a stack of résumés and hope that one of them meets the needs. The time we have taken to understand a client’s business and projects allows us to deliver the right number of candidates with all the required skills and experience and the personality to work effectively with the client’s team and culture.

TrainingPros, founded in 1997, works closely with learning departments of large organizations to identify, attract, and support leading contract specialists for focused training and development engagements.