Avaya Breeze Design

This 3-day instructor-led course focuses on the information discovery, designing a solution, documenting and formatting the information for presentation, aspects of a Sales Engineer job function.

In addition, the student will learn how to effectively demo Snap-ins and the base functionality of Avaya Breeze™. The participant will learn the most important design considerations for Avaya Breeze™ solutions and how to use a methodology to create a solution design based on a customer scenario. The customer scenarios will include designs for existing and new customers with needs at different levels of complexity. Delivered in a classroom setting, this offer consists of a combination of instructor lectures followed by interactive group work for the design exercises as well as lab exercises for hands-on experience.

Key Objectives

  • Explain the six categories of broad customer business issues we can address with Avaya Breeze™
  • (Student should be familiar with a variety of application examples, Student should also be able to identify adequate and illustrative application example)
  • Explain where Avaya Breeze™ fits in the Avaya Aura® architecture (Call flows with and without Avaya Breeze™, dependencies, and scaling)
  • Describe and demonstrate the main components of Avaya Breeze™ and their functionality (Avaya provided General Purpose Snap-ins, Engagement Designer, Avaya Breeze™ services, Avaya Aura® Media Server (AMS), APIs and SDKs)
  • Discuss the Avaya Breeze™ (architecture, collaboration bus, clustering and high availability, the role of System Manager)
  • Describe effective sales strategies for Avaya Breeze™ (identify customer issues we can address with Avaya Breeze™, conduct proper customer discovery, compile a solution in a given customer scenario, explain how the solution addresses the identified customer issues)
  • Locate and use the available tools to correctly size an Avaya Breeze™ solution o Use the available tools to provide the correct information required for the ordering of an Avaya Breeze™ solution
  • Explain what services are available for the Avaya Breeze™ offer
  • Answer commonly asked questions from customers in the context of implementing an Avaya Breeze™ solution

Recommended Knowledge

  • Students should be familiar with general knowledge on Avaya Breeze™, Engagement Designer and Snap-ins as can be obtained by reading the latest Offer Definitions, available from the Avaya Sales Portal.

Course Details

Date TBD
Capacity 8
Individual Price $1,700.00
Course Number 3002C
Course Title Avaya Breeze™ Design
Location Instructor-Led Training
Categories Avaya Breeze™,Avaya Breeze™ Design

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