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Adaptive Learning In Practice

Related to innovations in learning solutions, I’d like to share some real-world examples of adaptive learning in practice. First, let’s visit the instructor-led classroom. Facilitated learning in a brick-and-mortar classroom is still alive and well and will have a place in learning for the foreseeable future. But in recent years, I’ve been recommending that classrooms move to a paperless distribution system. Learners engage with their participant materials via tablets or laptops. In many classrooms, learners have been using computers for years in instances such as learning computer systems, so this is the final step in eliminating the laborious tasks of printing, compiling, and shipping paper-based classroom materials!

Here’s an example of how it’s done:

  • Materials are compiled in PDF forms where certain parts of the text can be edited by the learners, such as practice activities.
  • Materials have more of an e-learning look and feel, and may use PowerPoint or Word as the development tool. The layout looks more like the facilitator slide deck with clickable text boxes for expanded information.
  • SharePoint or corporate network is the delivery vehicle. Materials are uploaded, and learners are given access to them when they come to class. All materials are available after the class to participants for later access if needed via either download or continued use of login.
  • Materials can be updated more frequently without material waste (in cases where print materials were stockpiled).
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