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Welcome to the TrainingPros blog, Learning Highlights. Entries from our President, Relationship Managers, learning & development thought leaders, and other guest bloggers can be found across a broad variety of topics such as industry trends, talent management, training delivery methods, eLearning, learning decision making, management systems, reinforcement, metrics, and performance support. If you have a blog topic you’d like to see or would like to contribute as a guest blogger, please contact us and use “Learning Highlights” in the Subject field of our contact form.

The summer is speeding along so make time for R&R for you and some L&D too. There are some great conferences, summits, and events taking place between now and the end of the third quarter. See our recommendations and what to take advantage of for yourself, your teams, or your organization.

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Not too long ago, I arranged for Marc Zao-Sanders from my Boston market to be interviewed by Business Radio X co-hosts Lee Kantor and Stone Payton on our TrainingPros Learning Insights Radio show. In addition to sharing more about what his company Filtered is all about, Marc drilled down into some of their learning & development tools and techniques. TrainingPros' entire virtual radio show can be heard on our SoundCloud channel, but I invite you to check out the highlights in my blog post.

Filtered’s sweet spot is using artificial intelligence (AI) to strip down to only what each current learner needs to focus on – all the extraneous material gets filtered out so that only the most salient points are covered. The algorithms and technology are not unlike what consumers experience in social media ads today, but in the learning & development world, this is still very cutting edge. Only the most progressive organizations are latching on at present, but these applications will become more commonplace.

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In a recent TrainingPros Learning Insights Radio show, I arranged for special guest Kevin Clancy with Gilbane Building Company to share their many learning successes with Business Radio X co-hosts Lee Kantor and Stone Payton. The entirety of this TrainingPros virtual radio show can be heard on our SoundCloud channel, but I invite you to check out the highlights in my blog post.

In terms of credibility, Gilbane is enjoying a fourteenth straight year with recognition in Training Magazine’s Top 125. This construction management company also pushed ahead 14 spots to break into the coveted top 25 of the training luminaries. Their Gilbane University is widely supported by all levels of management as their branded learning & development function, and we were able to hear and read about their programs.

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Join us on Thursday, June 28th for the “Microlearning Competition Follow-Up” webinar. TrainingPros has partnered with Davenport Design & Development for the TrainingPros microlearning competition and we’re excited to receive your submissions. In this webinar, the winners will present their entries and Teresa will share on the best practices and key strategies of microlearning. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to engage with elearning professionals and experts.

  • Topic: Microlearning Competition Follow-Up Webinar
  • Date: Thursday, June 28, 2018
  • Time: 2 PM EST (60 minute session)
  • Cost: Free, but space is limited. Please register early
  • Speaker: Teresa Davenport, President, Davenport Design & Development
  • Register: Microlearning Competition Follow-Up Webinar
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During our recent webinar Trim Fat and Boost Performance with Exemplary Job Aids, we discussed many attributes of job aids. We also answered common questions about job aids, such as: The definition of a job aid, why job aids are important, the difference between a mediocre job aid and an exemplary job aid and how to create an exemplary job aid.

Here is a summary of answers to these questions and more.

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