Case Studies


At TrainingPros, we’re fortunate to be able to connect with learning leaders across the country and talk about the issues, opportunities, and best practices they are facing in today’s challenging business climate.

2012 Case Studies

During Training 2012, Richard Fletcher discussed how Zaxby's achieved unprecedented results with a new approach to training franchise managers.

2013 Case Studies

Bill Lickiss and Janet Rodriguez of Chumash University sat down with us at ASTD ICE 2013 to discuss how the hospitality company revamped its new-hire orientation program to mirror the excitement and energy of the company's work environments.

2014 Case Studies

During ASTD ICE 2014, The American Cancer Society's Kimberly Currier discussed how talent development at the healthcare nonprofit was enhanced by building a center of excellence.

T-Mobile's Heidi Dangerfield and Alex Kutsick explained during ASTD ICE 2014 how the telecom company got its 20,000 employees up to speed on T-Mobile's plan to be the Un-carrier.

DDI's Chief Scientist Evan Sinar gave ASTD ICE 2014 attendees and Learning Insights Radio listeners a preview of the company's Seventh Annual Global Leadership Forecast Study.

2015 Case Studies

Wendi Braun sat down in our Boston studio to discuss Fresinus Medical Care's five-year plan for leadership development.

In our Dallas satellite office, creating a world-class training organization was the subject for Parkland's Healthcare System's top learning officers, Dr. Sushma Aggarwal and Dr. Glen Earl.

Tom Clancy with EMC sat down in our Boston satellite office to discuss the importance of education for an IT company.

At TrainingPros' Boston satellite office, we conducted an interview with Caleen Alexanderson and Lisa Gilgan with Agencyport Software, and they discussed the successes of their corporate university for agents' support and insurance solutions software.

Our metro DC satellite office was the site for this interview with Allison Mulligan and Robin Baker, both with Fairfax County, Virginia's government office and its case studies of learning & development and organizational changes required in a large municipality.

Foster Rockwell spent time in our DC satellite office to discuss Evidera's niche offerings in pharmaceutical and medical device products and how training forms the foundation for their research excellence.

At Training 2015, Doug Bryant and Marla Schutte of Sonic Automotive discussed how the company maintains and strengthens its talent pipeline.

David Brzozowski & Samantha Wilson visited with us during Training 2015 and talked about the challenges & benefits Dollar General experienced through a multi-university alliance.

Victor Dumeige explained during Training 2015 how social technologies are connecting learners at Qualcomm.

At Training 2015, Susie Dvorak discussed PPD's Efficiency in Training program and its effect on the overall L&D environment and the pharmaceutical company.

Kristin Hall and Falana Thomas of PPD stopped by our booth at Training 2015 to discuss the company's 3D virtual training environment.

2017 Case Studies

Paul Smith stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to talk about how structured on-the-job training works at the Waldinger Corporation.