eLearning & Mobile Learning Trends


At TrainingPros, we’re fortunate to be able to connect with learning leaders across the country and talk about the issues, opportunities, and best practices they are facing in today’s challenging business climate.

eLearning/Mobile Learning Trends

At Training 2015, Jimmy Bayard from Best Buy discussed the company's virtual training program.

Doug Dell sat down with us at Training 2015 to discuss Crawford & Co.'s virtual lab project.

During Training 2015, Drew Kenning and Liesl Mahnke discussed Cognition, Reflection Software's custom-designed LMS platform.

Laura Wall Kleives from Duarte sat down with us at Training 2015 to discuss creating an audience-centric eLearning program.

Gayle Nadler came to our mobile station in New York City to discuss Time Warner Cable's virtual training strategies for teaching sales training.

LinkVisum's Rick Blunt discussed the role of eLearning and mobile learning play in learning reinforcement at ASTD ICE 2014.

While at ASTD ICE 2014, Michael Costello discussed how eLearning and mobile learning are finding a place among the training delivery methods at ThermoFisher Scientific.

Ted Henning sat down with us at ASTD ICE 2014 and discussed the current and future state of eLearning and mobile learning at athenahealth.

David Kelley from the eLearning Guild sat down with us at ASTD ICE 2014 to discuss the milestones that mobile learning has reached in L&D field.

At ASTD ICE 2014, Articulate's Nicole Legault discussed how people can prepare for success in the eLearning world.

Esurance's Linda Mahnken recapped her ASTD ICE 2013 presentation on how to make eLearning accessible for people who are blind.

During ASTD ICE 2014, Dolly Oberoi, CEO of C2 Technologies, discussed how eLearning and mobile learning fits in with the company's training delivery methods.

Mary-Ellen Roca from Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger sat down with us at ASTD ICE 2014 to discuss how training delivery methods have evolved to include eLearning and mobile learning.

Mike Rustici, CEO of Rustici Software, sat down with us at ASTD ICE 2014 to discuss his company's application program interface, Tin Can, a new specification for learning technology that makes it possible to collect data about the wide range of experiences a person has -- both online and offline.

Steve Stillwell from Goodwill of Greater Washington, DC, appeared on our show during ASTD ICE 2014 and discussed how eLearning and mobile learning are becoming an emerging training delivery method trend.

Christine Allers discussed Broadridge Financial Solutions' mobile learning and social media strategies at ASTD ICE 2013.

Articulate's David Anderson and Mike Enders discussed the trends and challenges posed by eLearning and mobile learning at ASTD ICE 2013.

During ATD ICE 2017, Scott Nutter discussed how mobile works into Delta Air Lines' overall L&D strategy

Anne Jacoby with AARP TEK discussed the organization's mobile learning strategy for customers during the Learning Insights Road Show in Washington, DC.

At ASTD ICE 2014, Dr. Pooja Jaisingh of Adobe Systems discussed the top blunders and best practices for going mobile

Joe Beaudry from Verizon Wireless sat down at Training 2012 Conference & Expo in Atlanta to discuss how the telecommunications company uses mobile learning as an extension of its already robust training strategy.

Todd VanLeuven stopped by our booth at Training 2012 to discuss how mobile learning fits into Alere's overall L&D strategy.