Employee Development & Engagement


At TrainingPros, we’re fortunate to be able to connect with learning leaders across the country and talk about the issues, opportunities, and best practices they are facing in today’s challenging business climate.

Change Management

Lee Hecht Harrison's Joanne Layne stopped by our remote NYC studio to discuss change management and how to become change ready.

During Training 2012, Level 4 Performance's CEO & President Erik Allen discussed the impact training has on employee performance and the ability to change.

Managing organizational change was the focus for Manheim's Tabetha Taylor's interview at the Training 2012 event.

Courage Building

At the outset of Training 2012, Giant Leap Consulting's Bill Treasurer discussed his company's ability to build courage for their client organizations rather than traditional employee performance.

Creating a Learning Culture

Robb Bingham from Converging Solutions and Jeanette Wheatley from Skillsoft stopped by our Atlanta studio to discuss ATD Atlanta's annual Employee Learning Week.

Chris Mokros of StoneMor Partners, L.P., stopped by our Atlanta studio to discuss the ins and outs of establishing a formal training organization.

Robert Baker from Pfizer and ATD NYC Metro stopped by our NYC studio to discuss the definition and importance of organizational culture.

Denise Rodriguez from International Game Technology discussed how to drive a high-performance culture through coaching while at our Boston studio.

Connecting Happiness and Success author and Dentus CPO Ray White sat down in the Dallas-Ft. Worth market studio to speak about this important connection and its place in creating a learning culture.

At Training 2015, Sean Bengry with Accenture Academy illustrated the tools that create a learning culture at their and client organizations.

T-Mobile's Laura Curvin, discussed her company's four curriculum teams during Training 2015 and the ways they create a learning culture and reinforce training.

During Training 2015, Citizens Bank's Jean Marrapodi talked about creating a personal learning network and how that leads to a larger learning culture.

At the Training 2015 event, New York Life Insurance's VP Morris Sims discussed the importance of creating a learning culture throughout their broad financial services' network.

Mark Wrobleski and Paul O'Keeffe with Accenture teamed up during Training 2015 to discuss developing super users in their learning culture communities.

Larry Mohl spoke about creating a learning culture at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta during the Training 2012 event.

Leadership Development

Amy Geltner with American Hotel Register talks about their organization's leadership initiatives on Learning Insights radio.

Wanda Hayes stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to talk about Emory University's Emerging Leaders leadership development program.

GameStop's Matt Hirst stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to discuss portable leadership in the L&D arena.

Addy Thomas stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to talk about Cisco's Leadership and Team Intelligence organization.

Kim Ziprik stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to talk about NASCO's VUCA Leadership program.

Shawn Minard stopped by our Atlanta studio to discuss leadership development at Ultimate Software.

Patrice Wheeler from People Skills for Professionals stopped by our Dallas studio to discuss the value of utilizing the equestrian model to maximize leadership development.

While at our NYC studio, Christopher Calta discussed what makes great leaders, both locally and globally.

Wendi Braun sat down in our Boston studio to discuss Fresinus Medical Care's five-year plan for leadership development.

Suffolk Construction Company's David DeFilippo stopped by our Boston studio to discuss lessons in leadership.

Ann Matteson from Thermo Fisher Scientific discussed building resiliency in leaders while at our Boston studio.

In our traveling studio in Chicago, Accenture's Ann Bentzen-Bilkvist discussed leadership development at all levels in her organization.

MaryBeth Costello, VP of Organizational Development with PSAV, sat down in our Chicago market to talk about leadership development for audio-visual technicians.

At the traveling show in our Chicago market, the YMCA's Sarah Finch and Suzanne Mackey partnered to discuss leadership development in their community

During our traveling show in Dallas, Billy Johnson and Rachel Cleveland with the University of North Texas discussed the unique offerings of their Professional Leadership Program and how it provides leadership development essentials and complexities to the local business community.

In our satellite studio in Dallas, Ed Rankin led discussions on executive coaching, high potential development, and other critical issues for leadership formation.

At the Training 2015 event, Jeremey Donovan, the CMO for American Management Association, discussed the nonprofit's training centers and assessments for leadership development.

Warren Jahn with the Intercontinental Hotels Group visited with hosts at Training 2015 to discuss complexities of functional training and leadership development across a wide variety of hotel brands.

During our traveling show in New York City, Sheila Basile and Vicki Foley with Lee Hecht Harrison teamed up to cover executive coaching essentials for strengthening programs leadership development.

Growing global leaders and grooming the next CEO through leadership development was the topic during AXA Equitable Insurance Corporation's Joy Joseph's interview in New York City.

During the Training 2012 event, Joanne McInnerney with Novelis spoke about the challenges of leadership development in the metals and recycling industries.

Employee Development & Engagement

Paul Smith with Waldinger Corporation talks about their company's employee training and development programs.

Topher Olsen and Amy Corcoran stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to discuss employee development and the onboarding process at Alliance Residential Corporation.

Founder and CEO of Jubi, Inc. Larry Mohl dropped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to discuss modern learning.

Michele Cox from Interstate Batteries stopped by our Dallas studio to discuss how her company is using soft-skills training to help employees develop their talents into strengths.

Dylan Rafaty from DylanListed stopped by our Dallas studio to discuss training, integrating, and leveraging employees with disabilities.

Melissa Walker, Success Coach with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, gave practical examples of behavioral changes required in employee development during her Dallas satellite office interview.

West Monroe Partners' Michele Catalano visited with our hosts in our Chicago satellite studio to discuss IT consulting training and the critical skills to deliver, from onboarding basics to technical development.

In our Washington metro satellite office, Stacy Cook with the L&D Center of Excellence for Federal Management Partners elaborated on employee development and engagement within the government consulting sectors.

In our Chicago satellite office, Angela Moustis with Cars.com discussed the operational training and organizational development efforts to engage all employees.

During her appearance in our Chicago satellite office, Mercer's Jill Zimmerman discussed employee development and engagement in a global consulting business.

At the Training 2015 event, Vicki Gitzen discussed coaching for Esurance call center employees and the training importance for development and engagement.

During the ASTD ICE 2013 event in Dallas, Sandi Edwards with American Management Association International spoke about the complexities of developing high potential employees and ensuring that other employees remain highly engaged.

The balancing act of developing employees and engaging them fully was explored by GE's Carol Lozanov-Miccio during ASTD ICE 2013 in Dallas.

SCC Computer's Mary Kay LaBrie sat down with hosts at the Training 2015 to talk about competency models for global employee development and engagement.

Department Transformation

Steve Parkins from GameStop stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to discuss large-scale learning transformation.

John Torres stopped by our Atlanta studio to discuss the cultural transformation going on at Rollins, Inc.

Jay Heubner with ACE Hardware discussed the important role of training in their highly competitive and high customer service industry during the Training 2015 event.

In our Boston satellite office, PAREXEL's Greg Friedman discussed the evolution of organizational development and its role in department transformation.

Alere's Director of Learning & Performance Vicki Sandona was interviewed during ASTD ICE 2013 and discussed how training is critical in transforming departments and functions in the complex healthcare industry.

Motivational Sales Program

Mike Kunkle spoke at ATD ICE 2017 about transforming results with a systems approach to sales.

Scott Ferraro from Schumacher Electric stopped by our Atlanta studio to discuss how training and education are part of the overall sales strategy for his company.

In our Chicago satellite office, Bill Cupuro discussed how a software company deploys a motivational sales program.

In our home Atlanta studio, Learning Insights Radio co-hosts interviewed Jenna Kay with ADP about instructional design for motivational sales programs and the necessary behaviors to succeed.

During ASTD ICE 2014, Mike Kunkle with GE Capital Americas discussed 22nd century sales programs and why the very top producers are so successful.

CenturyLink's Susan Mitnick sat down at ASTD ICE 2013 for a discussion on motivational sales programs for telecommunications.