Learning & Development Industry Trends


At TrainingPros, we’re fortunate to be able to connect with learning leaders across the country and talk about the issues, opportunities, and best practices they are facing in today’s challenging business climate.

Learning & Development Industry Trends

Lynne Adams from Prince George Community College discussed learning technologies and other industry trends at ASTD ICE 2014.

Tom Allen from Opango discussed how L&D organizations can take their performance to the next level by leveraging technology.

Kenneth Barber from Shell Oil Company/Jiffy Lube and Scott Harris from Atmos Energy discussed how eLearning is helping to manage large employee footprints and other industry trends at ASTD ICE 2013.

Normura Securities' Stephen Berkery discussed L&D industry trends while at our remote studio in New York City.

Connie Bentley and Spencer Gillman from Insights discussed L&D trends at ASTD ICE 2013.

The Dallas satellite studio was the site for Jim Biggerstaff's interview and his focus on retaining good employees, which is always key in the L&D industry.

Accenture's Ann Bentsen-Bilkvist sat down with us in our Chicago satellite office to discuss creating lifelong leadership.

Nathan Blesse from Twitter discussed social learning and other industry trends at ASTD ICE 2014.

The World Bank's Darlene Brady-Christopher spent time in our Washington, DC satellite office to discuss the L&D challenges and opportunities to serve global and time-constrained employees.

Tina Busch from Kimberly-Clark and Eliot Rosenberg from AT&T discussed applying technological advances to learning and other industry trends at Training 2012.

Hal Christensen from Christensen Roberts Solutions discussed performance support and other industry trends at Learning Insights New York.

During the Atlanta Training 2015 conference we interviewed Tom Costello with PARAXEL about the successes and challenges his department has experienced in the last year.

Albert Darlington from Fredericksburg Goodwill discussed the growing integration between organization development and L&D and other industry trends at ASTD ICE 2014.

Pariveda Solutions' Lori Dipprey discussed talent development advances and other industry trends at ASTD ICE 2014.

Our Chicago satellite office served as the site for a great interview with InnerWorkings' Kelly Dowd as she discussed training for marketing operations professionals.

Marty Finkle from Scotwork North America discussed industry trends while attending ASTD ICE 2014.

The Avalon Foster Group and ATD DC chapter were well represented by John Fitzpatrick in our Washington DC satellite office as he elaborated on L&D consulting services.

Doug Harward from Training Industry magazine discussed content management, technological advances, and other industry trends at ASTD ICE 2014.

Rachel Cleveland and Billy Johnson teamed up from the University of North Texas Professional Leadership Program in our Dallas satellite office to cover the tenets of PLP and its unique offerings.

Crystal Kadakia from Career Indulgence discussed best practices of managing the learning expectations of Millennials and other industry trends at ASTD ICE 2014.

Talent acquisition trends in the energy industry were the main topics during our interview with Atmos Energy's Ray Kallas in our Dallas satellite studio.

John Low from Carney, Inc. discussed mobilizing a digital government and leveraging data stores at ASTD ICE 2013.

IRI's Asfa Malik discussed L&D trends for the consumer packaged goods industry in her Chicago satellite office interview.

Allison Manswell with Constellation Energy focused on leadership development trends during her interview in our metro DC satellite office.

During Learning Insights Boston, PAREXEL'S Albert Siu and Melissa Milani discussed how companies can leverage leadership governance to build support for L&D.

Felicia Montgomery from The American Cancer Society discussed the value of self-directed learning and other industry trends at ASTD ICE 2014.

Randy Palubiak from enliten discussed the role video plays in L&D and other industry trends at Training 2015.

Raj Ramachandran from University of Phoenix discussed the partnership between higher education and business and other industry trends at ASTD ICE 2013.

Maurice Rondeau from Textron stopped by our remote Boston studio to discuss L&D trends.

Marc Rosenberg from Marc Rosenberg & Associates discussed transformation of eLearning and other industry trends at Training 2012.

Sally Seppanen from Sepp6 discussed neuroleadership and other industry trends at ASTD ICE 2014.

Michele Shauf from eVestment stopped by our Atlanta studio to discuss learning agility.

Mark Simon from HiMark Solutions discussed eLearning development and other industry trends at ASTD ICE 2014.

Paul Smith from Principal Financial Group discussed the understanding of learning as a process and other industry trends at ASTD ICE 2013.