Informal Learning


At TrainingPros, we’re fortunate to be able to connect with learning leaders across the country and talk about the issues, opportunities, and best practices they are facing in today’s challenging business climate.

Domains of Learning

The U.S. Army's Melissa Kilgore discussed their very consistent domains of learning for knowledge transfer at Training 2012.

Informal Learning and Learning & Development

Jim Cammisa with Avis Budget Group sat down at 2013 ASTD ICE event to elaborate on L&D consulting for car rental brands especially informal learning as the most effective delivery method.

During Training 2012, guests Alan Brewer with Equifax and Wayne Hauenstein with AGL Resources team up to define the elements of informal learning for their organizations.

NASCO's Doug Osborn describes the nuances in human performance services and informal learning at the Training 2012 event.

Mary Slaughter from SunTrust discussed the value of informal learning and other elements of the L&D profession at Training 2012.

Learning & Memory

Mark Boccia with Marriott International and Art Kohn, a Portland State University professor, teamed up at Training 2012 to share examples on learning and memory and how they can applied at their company and classes.