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Do you have what it takes to join the TrainingPros team? We are continuously searching for the best people with the skills, experience, and personality needed by our clients.

Why TrainingPros?

In-depth understanding of the learning and development industry:

TrainingPros’ focuses exclusively on projects in learning and development. As a result, our relationship managers truly understand the types of projects our clients are doing and the business results they are trying to achieve. Most important to you, we are able to translate this understanding into a personality and skill match for you.

Onboarding for Success methodology:

We want to make sure that both our consultants’ and our clients’ needs are met, so we’re going to be as direct and upfront as possible, so you know exactly what to expect. Our proprietary Onboarding for Success methodology carefully matches the right candidate to the right project and gives you the tools you need to start each project seamlessly. Furthermore, once you are started on the project, our Relationship Managers are involved in the project conducting quality checks with the client and ensuring that you receive the support you need to be successful with the client. Our goal is for you to be a raving fan of TrainingPros!

The best people attract the best clients:

With a long history of providing high quality people for a wide range of learning and development needs, you can expect to work with some of the best companies in your local market. Review our client list and see what we mean.

Competitive compensation and terms:

Not only will you understand exactly what percentage of our billed hourly rate you’ll receive, but our rates are usually higher than those paid by other staffing companies. We offer flexibility as well in the case that you are hired on permanently by one of our clients; TrainingPros does not charge a referral fee.

What’s the Process?

We seek learning and development experts who have 10 - 15 years of experience as well as relevant certifications and/or academic credentials in their chosen disciplines. Each of our professionals completes a screening and selection process that includes:

  • Initial credentials review by our relationship manager team
  • Face-to-face screening with a local Relationship Manager
  • Reference and background checks
  • Client feedback

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TrainingPros Talent Testimonials

I can personally say that TrainingPros maintains ongoing relationships with their consultants and will keep them working.
Mona Houston
Thank you for the valuable updates that you always provide for your team to keep us engaged and informed. I love that you provide relevant training and development information which encourages professional growth an development. The fact that you share your professional growth and journey shows you walk the walk - this is so inspiring. Finally, I love that you truly attempt to match skill and desire with job placement and go beyond the numbers game.
Darlene Carter
I’m impressed with your overall onboarding process that quickly brings consultants up to speed on your processes. I feel it has made me more productive earlier in the development cycle. Also, the open communication lines with everyone on the team is very helpful.
Tim Spelman
Other staffing firms cut their contractors loose when the contract ends ... but my colleagues who work with TrainingPros. They tend to stay with TrainingPros, from one contract to another.
Lyndon Silloway
TrainingPros sets the bar for managing subcontractors. Having been over-managed and under-managed, I appreciate their ability to make sure people have the tools, resources, information, and other support we need to get the job done, while still giving us freedom to do our jobs well.
Catherine T.
Senior Instructional Designer
My onboarding experiences with other staffing companies were less than spectacular, but this experience with TrainingPros has completely eclipsed those. Communication was incredibly clear, and processes worked exactly how they should have. Fantastic!
Chris Terrill
I have got to say that from my standpoint, TrainingPros is the best firm I have ever worked for as an independent contractor. I wish all of my contracts could be done through TrainingPros.
Eddie C.
Systems and Technology Trainer
I have been assigned to a couple of instructional design projects based on Steve’s referral. When I first met with Steve for a cup of coffee to discuss future projects, I was immediately impressed with his professionalism, enthusiasm and energy. It wasn’t long after we met that I was placed on an assignment with AT&T. Above all else, I have found Steve Kapaun to be above board and open when discussing potential assignments. If you are a client looking for a team of professional training … read more
Clevlyn Anderson
Instructional Designer, eLearning Developer, Tech Writer
Working with TrainingPros has been a gift! They are thorough and professional, take care of the details, pay fair market prices, and always pay on time!
Pollie M.
Organization Development and Diversity Consultant
I like working with you and your team because I feel as though I'm part of both the TrainingPros team AND a part of the contract team with whom I work. I never feel lost in the shuffle of people, but as a valued component.
Kathleen Smith
Unlike many agencies, they follow through with you and keep in touch even if you didn't get the position you interviewed for.
Tanya Pittman
I’ve subcontracted for many different staffing companies over the past 10 years. TrainingPros is by far the leader in the industry. They secure top notch projects, provide timely and unconditional support throughout, and pay fees with promptness not typically seen in the business. I always look to TrainingPros first when in search of a new project.
Irene M.
Senior Instructional Designer
Kelley is a pleasure. She has a knack for matching the needs of her clients with the goals and skills of consultants. Working with Kelley and TrainingPros has been a great experience.
Ginny Barton
Instructional Designer, Writer
Kelley is a fantastic manager - energetic, thoughtful, precise and personable. Her ability to track all the details while keeping the project on course gave me insights into her expertise as a PM. I was grateful to learn from her. Kelley's ability to know the exact right moment to step in was the perfect support I needed during a very challenging project.
Sissy Siero
Voice Over & Digital Media
Leigh Anne is one of those rare women that inspire and uplift the people around her. Leigh Anne gave me valuable career advice, and I appreciate her blog and advice. I am grateful to Leigh Anne and highly recommend her to anyone looking to transition or improve their career opportunities.
Stacey Goldring
Instructional Designer, PMP
I worked for Steve on two occasions as a contract curriculum designer. He and his company were awesome to work for as a contractor. He was always straightforward and honest about the job, the rate structure, the client environment, and the responsibilities. He treated us as professionals and partners rather than as just "bodies" to fill a contract. There are a lot of contracting firms and "body shops" that are revolving doors where the principals have no clue about the industry or the … read more
Christine Colborne
Corporate Communications Consultant
I enjoy working with you because you work with consultants to find projects that are the perfect match for them.  Also, you're very kind, which I find is far too rare in the work world these days.
Skye Herndon